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For the children in exile


The Dakota-Lakota-Nakota Human Rights Advocacy Coalition is a Grass Roots Organization. We are in the process of slowly developing a strong website, and may make some mistakes but will work to correct them. We will be making adjustments as time goes on.

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Dakota Lakota Nakota Specific

Our Sicangu Lakota Grass Roots Oyate, AIM are helping with this march and Protest against the Indian Health Service. We are demanding better health care and complete removal from Indian Country, the individuals causing the problems. we need your help in contacting the senators, and other officials, and Please contact Media. This is a way of helping Our people here and hopefully elsewhere. We need all the Outside support we can get. Review Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council Roll Call on Support Against I.H.S.
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Proposed Collection; Public Comment Request: Indian Health Service Medical Staff Credentials and Privileges Files

August 6 2002

AGENCY: Indian Health Service.

ACTION: Request for Public Comment: 60-day Proposed Information Collection: Indian Health Service Medical Staff Credentials and Privileges Files.

SUMMARY: The Department of Health and Human Services, as part of its continuing effort to reduce paperwork and respondent burden, conducts a pre- clearance consultation program to provide the general public and Federal agencies with an opportunity to comment on proposed and/or continuing collections of information in accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (PRA95) (44 U.S.C. 3506©(2)(A)). This program helps to ensure that requested data can be provided in the desired format, reporting burden (time and financial resources) is minimized, collection instruments are clearly understood, and the impact of collection requirements on respondents can be properly assessed. Currently, the Indian Health Service (IHS) is providing a 60-day advance opportunity for public comment on a proposed extension of current information collection activity to be submitted to the Office of Management and Budget for review.

Proposed Collection: Title: 09-17-0009, "Indian Health Service Medical Staff Credentials and Privileges Files". Type of Information Collection Request: Extension, without revision, of currently approved information collection, 09-17-0009, "Indian Health Service Medical Staff Credentials and Privileges Files." Form Number: Instructions and information collection formats are contained in IHS Circular No. 93-2, "Credentials and Privileges Review Process for the Medical Staff." Need and Use of Information Collection: The IHS operates health care facilities that provide health care services to American Indians and Alaska Natives. To provide these services, the IHS employs (directly and under contract) several categories of health care providers including: physicians (M.D. and D.O.), dentists, psychologists, optometrists, podiatrists, audiologists; and in some states, physician assistants, certified registered nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, and certified nurse midwives. IHS policy specifically requires physicians and dentists to be members of the health care facility medical staff where they practice. Health care providers become medical staff members, depending on the local health care facility's capabilities and medical staff bylaws. There are three types of IHS medical staff applicants: (1) Health care providers applying for direct employment with IHS; (2) contract health care providers who will not seek to become IHS employees; and (3) employed IHS health care providers who seek to transfer between IHS health care facilities. National health care standards developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, formerly the Health Care Financing Administration and by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) require health care facilities to review, evaluate and verify the credentials, training and experience of medical staff applicants prior to granting medical staff privileges. To meet these standards, IHS health care facilities require each medical staff applicant to provide information concerning their education, training, licensure, and work experience and any adverse disciplinary actions taken against them. This information is then verified with references supplied by the applicant and may include: former employers, educational institutions, licensure and certification boards, the American Medical Association, the Federation of State Medical Boards, the National Practitioner Data Bank, and the applicants themselves.

In addition to the initial granting of medical staff membership and clinical privileges, JCAHO standards require that a review of the medical staff be conducted not less than every two years. This review evaluates the current competence of the medical staff and verifies whether they are maintaining their licensure and the certification requirements of their specialty. The medical staff credentials and privileges records are maintained at the health care facility where the health care provider is a medical staff member. The establishment of these records at IHS health care facilities is not optional; such records must be established and

---- Page Number 50893 ----

maintained at all health care facilities in the United States that are accredited by JCAHO. This information collection activity is used to evaluate individual health care providers applying for medical staff privileges at IHS health care facilities. Affected Public: individuals, businesses or other for- profit, not-for-profit institutions and Staff, local or Tribal Government. Type of Respondents: health care providers requesting medical staff privileges at IHS health facilities. The table below provides: types of data collection instruments, estimated number of respondents, number of responses per respondent, annual number of responses, average burden hour per response, and total annual burden hour.

Data collection   Estimated Responses Annual    Average   Total
instruction       No. of    per res-  No. of    burden    annual

res-      pondent   responses hour per  burden

                  pondents                      response  hours


Application to    600       1         600       0.75      450.0
Medical Staff                                   (45 mins)
Reference letter  1,800     1         1,800     0.33      600.0

(0 mins)

Reappointment     644       1         644       1.00      644.0
request                                         (60 mins)
Medical           387       1         387       1.00      387.0
Privileges                                      (60 mins)
Ob-Gyn Privileges 25        1         25        1.00      25.0
                                                (60 mins)
Surgical          23        1         23        1.00      23.0
Privileges                                      (60 mins)
Psychiatric       18        1         18        1.00      18.0
Privileges                                      (60 mins)
Anesthesia        16        1         16        1.00      16.0
Privileges                                      (60 mins)
Dental Privileges 128       1         128       0.33      42.2
                                                (0 mins)
Optometric        21        1         21        0.33      6.9
Privileges                                      (0 mins)
Psychology        23        1         23        0.17      3.9
Privileges                                      (0 mins)
Audiologic        6         1         6         0.08      0.5
Privileges                                      (0 mins)
Podiatric         6         1         6         0.08      0.5
Privileges                                      (0 mins)
Radiology         9         1         9         0.33      3.0
Privileges                                      (0 mins)
Pathology         3         1         3         0.33      1.0
Privileges                                      (mins)
Total             3,709                                   2,221.0

* For ease of understanding, burden hours are also provided in actual minutes.

There are no Capital Costs, Operating Costs and/or Maintenance Costs to report.

Request for Comments: Your written comments and/or suggestions are invited on one or more of the following points: (a) Whether the information collection activity is necessary to carry out an agency function; (b) whether the agency processes the information collected in a useful and timely fashion; © the accuracy of public burden estimate (the estimated amount of time needed for individual respondents to provide the requested information); (d) whether the methodology and assumptions used to determine the estimate are logical; (e) ways to enhance the quality, utility, and clarity of the information being collected; and (f) ways to minimize the public burden through the use of automated, electronic, mechanical, or other technological collection techniques or other forms of information technology.

Send Comments and Requests For Further Information: Send your written comments and requests for more information on the proposed collection or requests to obtain a copy of the data collection instrument(s) and instructions to: Mr. Lance Hadahkwen, Sr., M.P.H., IHS Reports Clearance Officer, 12300 Twinbrook Parkway, Suite 450, Rockville, MD 20852-1601, call non-toll free (301) 443-5938; send via facsimile to (301) 443-2316, or send your e-mail requests, comments, and return address to:

Comment Due Date: Your comments regarding this information collection are best assured of having their full effect if received within 60 days of the date of this publication.

Dated: July 31, 2002.

Duane L. Jeanotte,
Acting Deputy Director, Indian Health Service.
[FR Doc. 02-19768 Filed 8-5-02; 8:45 am]

Copyright © 2002 Federal Information & News Dispatch, Inc.

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